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Teaching the class

About the school

At the Jane Salisbury School of Dance we believe classes should be about building character and having fun. Whilst all disciplines are taught in accordance with the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) syllabus, and emphasis is placed on teaching classical posture and movement, lessons are always fun, interactive and rewarding.

About the teacher

Jane SalisburyTrained at the Hylton Bromley School of Dance in Cheshire, Miss Jane, national competition winner and successful competitor in her own right, has been dancing, teaching and working as a professional dancer for over 25 years.

She has performed in many parts of the world including the South Americas, Mediterranean, Europe and Japan. She is accustomed to cultures and disciplines associated with the various forms of dance and is able to bring such diversity and variety to the school. Fully qualified to teach dance, Miss Jane is currently undertaking examiner qualifications with the IDTA.

About the IDTA

The International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) is a leading dance teaching and examination board based in England. It is a validated dance awarding body of the Council for Dance Education and Training, and is also affiliated to the British Dance Council, the Central Council of Physical Recreation and the Theatre Dance Council International. The IDTA also works in partnership with the Royal Academy of Dance


For the pupils, we offer:

Warm, friendly and fun classes

Entrance in to IDTA grades, rosettes and medals in all disciplines

Fully equipped dance hall with stage facility and ballet bars, boys and girls changing areas

Entrance in to Dance Festivals

Participation in Dance Shows

End of year performance

Private lessons

For the parents, we offer:

Free parking

Free tea and coffee in the parents' waiting area

Dance wear and accessories shop

CRB assurance - details upon request

Fully insured